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Dimmer Type Servo Voltage Stabilizer

ELDEE is a preeminent manufacturer and supplier of Variac type servo stabilizer that are used basically to provide a constant output voltage with accurate stability. These are suitable for most of the electronics and electrical applications. We understand the fact that voltage fluctuation may result into damaging of electric appliances or device. In addition, it may also affect the productivity. But, the range of servo stabilizers offered by ELDEE protects all the equipments and also ensures a continuous and smooth production. These stabilizers are equipped with advanced digital micro processors that have been designed to provide constant output voltage. Long life, better regulation, compact size, advanced design and high performance are some of the key features for which these stabilizers have been highly appreciated by our domestic and international clients.

Technical Specification


Upto 3000 KVA

Input Voltage Range (phase to Phase)

270V - 460V, 250V - 460V and 150V - 460V (Can be Customized)

Output Voltage Range (phase to phase)

380 / 400 / 415 +/- 1%

Output Waveform

True to Input

Input Frequency

45 - 55 Hz

Response Time

10 m. sec.

Correction Speed

25 - 65 V/Sec

Correction Methods

Step less Correction Using Variac


Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN)


Better Than 98%

Control Circuit

Fully Automatic IC Based Solid Stat, Glass Epoxy Control Card for easy on Line Serviceability

Duty Cycle



Auto / Manual

No Load Loss

Less than 0.5%

Compatibility to DG Set

Specially Designed Control Card for faithful operation on Mains as well as DG Set


Suitable for 3 phase Unbalanced/Balanced Supply, Unbalanced / Balanced Loads

Operating Temperature

-15°C to 45°C above Ambient

Additional Features (at Extra Cost)

* High & Low Voltage Cutoff System 
* Over Load And Short Circuit Protection  
* Single Phase Prevention System 
* Phase Sequence change protection 
* Change over switch to By-Pass the system
* Earth Fault Protection
* Surge & RS Suppression System
* 110 Volts Output for Special Equipment.

Dealer Form


  • Minimizes unwanted loss
  • No extra power is required to increase or decrease the voltage
  • Constant output voltage stability with +/-1%
  • Reduced MDI
  • Optimum drawing of the current


The Dimmer Type Servo Stabilizer is used for protecting electrical appliances for fluctuating voltage in the power supply.