ultra isolation transformers
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Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformers

We manufacture quality Isolation & Ultra Isolation transformers up to 2000 KVA capacity in Air/Oil cooled type having various voltage and current ratings as per the relevant IS standard.

These Isolation transformers are of double wound with electrostatic shielding in between primary, secondary & magnetic core. EC grade copper, high grade CRGO & best quality insulation material is used resulting into low temperature rise. The main features of these transformers are to isolate the high voltage transients, spike noise, EMI interference and DC leakage. These are designed for good common mode noise rejection, coupling capacitance, DC galvanic isolation and good voltage regulation. These can also be designed for step down or step up or 1:1 ratio.

Besides all standard fittings as specified in IS standard, optional fittings such as low/high frequency, short circuit and overload protections / cutoffs can be provided as per customer’s requirement.

Technical Specifications

  • Ranging up to 2000 KVA Capacity
  • Available in 1 : 1 Ratio or as per request
  • Step Down / Step Up Voltage Ratio
  • Three Phase / Single Phase, 50 / 60 HZ
  • Air Cooled (Dry Type) / Oil Cooled (ONAN)
  • Insulation Class F/H in case of Air Cooled / Dry Type & Class 'A' in case of Oil Cooled
  • Low Losses
  • Accessories / Fittings as desired by Customer
  • In Accordance with IS, IEC, BS and ANSI Standards, others on request