amorphous core transformer manufacturers in india
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Oil Type Transformer

  • ELDEE holds BIS license for supply of distribution transformers up to 200 kVA, 11 kV class & 2500 kVA, 33 kV class as per IS 1180 - Part 1 (2014). ELDEE offers distribution transformers in energy level 1, 2 or 3 as per customer's requirements. ELDEE offers distribution transformer as per SAN 780 / IEC 60076 for overseas clients.
  • Prime grade of core materials - CRGO steel sheet material as per IS:3024 of BIS approved quality / amorphous core material is used resulting in low value of losses, magnetizing current & long life of transformer.
  • Electrical grade of copper or aluminum for distribution transformers up to 2500 kVA rating can be used for transformer winding resulting lesser load losses & longer life of distribution transformers.
  • Paper covered conductor / enameled conductors are used for HV winding.
  • Foil winding, latest technology is also used for high current distribution transformers (LV), resulting in compact design & excellent performance against short circuit stresses.
  • Sealed / non sealed type of transformer is offered as per customer's requirement.
  • Distribution transformers can be equipped with ERW tubes, corrugated tank or pressed steel radiators.
  • Transformer tanks including radiators are given shot blasting treatment followed by Zinc spray treatment by cold spray / flame gun process to give a long lasting anti rust corrosion paint finish.
  • Transformers with special oil / easter grade are also offered for non fire propagated areas.

Dealer Form

  • Complete range of transformers are designed with solutions towards increased efficiency materials, space saving & reduced noise.
  • ELDEE has NABL accredited test facility for all routine & type tests & special tests. Impulse and short circuit tests are carried out at independent test houses.
  • Distribution transformers can be designed pole mounted as well as for ground / pad mounted.
  • Specially designed station /auxiliary transformers in ratio 33/0.433 kV for substation auxiliary supply could also be supplied.