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Our Dealer Network

We have over 20 distributers and 50 dealers in service centers in india and and 5 dealers in Nepal.

We continuously strive to expand our reach in order provide our customers with best after sales service and reach more customers easily.

In a short period of time, we have emerged as the leading original equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors in India. This is partly because of the high efficiency of our staff and partly due to our dealer network. We believe in maintaining strong bonds with our clients as we believe that a loyal professional relationship is very important for building a strong business. We deal with a wide range of products that include Power Transformer, Voltage Stabilizer, Furnace Transformer, Dry Type Transformer, Package Substation, Cast Resin Transformer, Isolation Transformer etc. The products are designed to suit the needs of the clients and offer them a world-class experience.

Our products can be used for domestic, commercial as well as industrial purposes and are designed accordingly. We offer great deals to our clients and distribute our products all over India. Our services are customer oriented and we also have an online customer service to offer all the necessary information regarding our products and answer all your queries.

We believe that an active dealer network is very important to retain brand messaging and control and makes it easier for our dealers to market our products. Hence we give utmost priority to our dealers and make sure that they are provided with quality products that can help to enhance their business as well as ours.

We have also initiated paid media campaigns to reach out to people all over the country. Our online marketing system helps us to constantly track our dealers and make sure that they are doing their work efficiently. Since it is not possible to reach out to each and every customer on our own, we leave the task up to our dealers.

The relationship is entirely based on trust, trust that we will provide them with the best quality products and trust that they will help us to enhance our business and this ensures the mutual benefit of both. In order to reach out to the clients in various different cities and towns, we have a countrywide network of dealers. So if you are planning to become a part of our family, your nearest dealer is only a phone call away. You can easily avail for our services by simply sitting in the comfort of your homes.