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ELDEE manufacture’s various modules of Indoor/Outdoor type Compact Sub-Stations upto 2500 KVA capacity, 33KV class of transformers with HT/LT switchgears.

The Compact Sub-Station (CSS) is also known as Unitised Sub-Station (USS) or Packaged Sub-Station (PSS). The Compact Sub-Staton is a compact arrangement, which replaces conventional sub-station arrangement consisting of Load Break Switch / Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Transformer, Distribution Panel, Lightening arresters mounted on a pole structure or on a platform.

CSS is designed, keeping in mind the personal safety & aesthetics, considering HT equipment is located in high density urban places. It is a pre fabricated secondary sub-station consisting of three compartments (i.e.) H.V.Compartment which houses Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) or Load Break Switch (LBS), the transformer compartment which houses dry type /oil cooled transformers & the LV compartment which houses ACB, MCCB, SFU etc. as per client's requirement. All components are housed in an enclosure which protects the equipment against environmental hazards & unauthorized access . The electrical equipments are cooled by natural ventilation.

  • Fully compartmentalized design
  • Easy to install, operate & require very Less Maintenance
  • Cost Effective & Space Saving
  • Reduced Electrical Losses as CSS can be installed near the load centre
  • A high degree of Safety & operational reliability is achieved by HT & LT switchgear with protective relays
  • Reduction in logistic cost as the CSS is delivered as a single unit
  • Tailored Configuration to meet customer requirement
  • Due to the enclosed construction, it avoids Bird hit, human / animal contact which may lead to fatal accident and disruption of power supply
  • Aesthetically enhanced look & designed to suit the site topography, which gives pleasing appearance
  • No separate room is required
  • Can be installed Indoor & Outdoor

Dealer Form

  • Load Break Switch with fusetrip& earth switch mechanism, shunt trip coil, HT HRC fuses
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker with metering & protection using current/potential transformers & relays
  • Ring Main Units consists of Load Break Switches/Vacuum Circuit Breakers combination
  • Oil Filled Transformer
  • Dry Type Transformer
  • LT Control Panel with ACB & MCCB
  • SFU with metering
  • CSS are ideally suited for residential and commercial complexes as it can be placed on ground floor or basement or roof top of the high rise buildings
  • Mainly used by Power Utilities, Multiplex, Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Software Parks, Airports & Residential complexes etc.